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    I am running for the state legislature this year because I feel that the people who are currently elected to run our government are not representing the will and best interests of the citizens.

  I believe that we can provide the essential functions of government without raising taxes like our previous legislature has done.  This seems to be the popular mentality for many of our current elected representatives.

   I work for the Snohomish County Sheriffs Office, and h
aving worked as a public servant employee since 1991, I am confident that we can run things more efficiently than we currently are. Much of this can be done by eliminating redundancy and what is commonly referred to as "empire building". 
    Unfortunately, many of the decision makers in government forget the fact that this money comes from the private citizens and businesses that pay taxes, not from a never ending supply of money.  

What you can expect from me as your Legislator:

The latest recession has shed light (to the public) on many of the inefficiencies and earmarks that many politicians are willing to vote on to gain favoritism with their colleagues or special interest groups.

If I am elected I intend to eliminate as many of these as possible.

Now I realize that I will be only one voting Legislator out of many in the house, and even if we get something passed, we still have to contend with the Senators and the Governor. But I will not compromise my principles and I will always cast my vote in the way that I think is in the best interest of our citizens of this state and the 40th District.

What I say to people during my campaign is what I intend to do if I am elected.

    I am not going to say just what I think people want to hear during my election campaign and then forget about those promises once I am elected.  I think there are too many career politicians doing exactly that, and they are causing many of our problems.  Many of those people will say or do anything to get elected and then hope that you forget about it come the next election time. 

    I believe in telling the voters where I truly stand on issues and what I am going to do if elected and then let them decide for themselves. 

 I usually don't sugar coat my words about what I intend to do, and I am going to say where I truly stand on issues. If that upsets some people then so be it, but I am not going to worry about what I should say based on what group or audience that I am speaking in front of. 

This is disingenious at best, but I think it's lying and I feel that you should be honest with people and let them decide who they would rather have representing them in Olympia. I have already witnessed several candidates change their speeches and message based on what type of group they are talking in front of. Frankly I can't stand that type of person, and I feel that they have no business being in a leadership position in Olympia.

 I probably will do or say things that you may not agree with.  In fact, I don't think there are too many people that agree 100% with someone on political issues. 

    I think that is part of what makes democracy so great, we can all have different opinions on how to deal with issues.  Hopefully those of us running for this office will try to do what we think is in the best interest of our communities if elected, even if our ideas on how to get it accomplished may be different. 

    I wouldn't consider myself an expert on every issue that comes before state government, and I doubt that anyone truly is, even if they think they are.  During my campaign I will be honest in telling you where I stand on issues and if you agree with the majority of what I will do then I would please ask for your vote. 

        As soon as I announced my candidacy I seemed to get swamped with phone calls and questionnaires about what I was going to do if I was elected. 

     Many of those contacts were by "special interest" groups trying to tell me which way I should vote, if I wanted any of their money or support.

     I can see why many of the Legislators get caught up in doing sound bites and swaying on their positions, especially if they are running for office because they need the money.  Now I didn't say I understood it or agree with it, but I can see how easy it is for someone to get caught up in those things.

    Having been a Union President in the past, I have had to deal with some of these types of issues before.  So I was prepared for the inevitable onslaught of groups trying to buy my vote for one thing or another.  This is why I decided right from the start to not even ask for any money from anyone and fund the campaign myself. 

    That way I would not even be tempted to worry about saying or doing the "wrong" thing and upsetting some special interest group by not saying what they want to hear.
       If there are people that believe in what I am doing and want to contribute, then I certainly won't turn down the money, but I am not campaigning for it. 

        I will not accept money from special interest groups or PAC's under any circumstances. I think this allows me to be more open and forthright than some of the other people campaigning this year. 

         Some people feel like they need tens of thousands of dollars for their campaigns and some even feel like they need hundreds of thousands of dollars to win their elections. I have heard some of these people talk about how much money you need to win just a local election like the state house of representatives. 
     Now admittedly you need a few thousand dollars in order to get your name out to the voters. But if you feel that you need $40,000 or more to win a $42,000 dollar a year job then there is a serious problem. Many of these candidates do receive that much from special interest groups. This is why if they win their election that they now feel like they "owe" something to those people, because they know that they are not going to be able to raise that kind of money from contributions from the voters in their district for re-election.

    I feel that if you need that much money to sway the voters, then they are probably not being uprfont with the voters and telling them what they really intend to do if elected. 

This is why many of them are always trying to come up with fancy speeches and sound bites during their campaigns instead of addressing the issues and telling people what they really intend to do if they are elected. 

    If you feel like you "owe" someone or some group besides the voters for your election win, then you should not be in a position of authority in our government. This leaves those type of people open to compromising their principles when creating legislation. 

    Too often, those types of politicians forget that they were elected to represent the people in their district as a whole, and not special interest groups, when it comes time to go to work in the legislature.   Something I will not do.
   For more detailed information on specific issues, please see my issues page.

If you have a question on where I stand on an issue that wasn't addressed on my issues page, or you would like to get involved, please visit my contact page and leave me a message. Thanks





 I am asking for your vote at election time. 
Thank you for your support.

Chuck Carrell
PO Box 210
Burlington, WA  98233

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