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ABC Restaurant

Quality food, at a great low price that you cannot resist. 20% off now on all Orders $250 and above.

DEF Catering

Now offering Free Delivery and complimentary Plasticware on all Orders above $200.

Cafe XYZ

We cater to your neeeds, at an affordable price range. Try us out and you'll see for yourself.

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Select your menu, and get instant quotes from caterers


Select and communicate with caterer using our vendorCONNECT feature


Finalize caterer and confirm order

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Meet Maya

Maya is hosting a party in a few weeks. She wants the best food catered for her party and at a great price.

She does not know where to start - which caterers to call, how many to call and how to decide if they offer the menu she wants at the right price.

She hears about

At, she picks the menu of her choice and instantly sees quotes from caterers in the area.

She also connects with caterers online using catermyfood's vendorCONNECT® feature to get her questions answered.

Maya then finalizes her caterer and confirms order.

Maya is now relaxed, she has found the right caterer for her party at a great price.


Get quick answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account to search quotes?

Absolutely NOT! You can select menu and get quotes as a guest without creating an account.

How do I look up a past order?

You can look up status for any submitted order using our Order status page.

Can I make changes to the order once it has been confirmed?

Orders once placed and confirmed by the Vendor, cannot be changed.

However you can still work directly with the caterer prior to the event to make any changes to your order.

I forgot my order ID, how do I find it?

Order ID was provided in the confirmation email sent after the order was created. If you cannot locate the email, Contact us and we may be able to help find your order.

I placed an order, but did not receive a confirmation email?

It typically takes up to 30 minutes for a confirmation email to be sent. If it has been more than 30 mins, then please check your SPAM or JUNK folder.

If you still do not have an email, please Contact us, we will resend confirmation to your desired email address.

Can I call a caterer directly after receiving a quote?

Yes, however we encourage you to use our vendorCONNECT® feature to communicate with as many caterers as you like.

vendorCONNECT® is an easy and convenient way for you to confirm and close your order online.

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